We are company, which offers full-cycle accounting services using licensed accounting program. Our aim is to help our customers to optimize expenses and simplify accounting processes, providing high quality services.

Our services include:

·         Accounting of primary documents;

·         Preparation and sending of invoices;

·         Preparation of tax returns and statements, as well as submission to State revenue service,  Central Statistical Bureau and other institutions;

·         Payroll calculations;

·         Communication with State revenue service, as well as representation during audits.

To our customers, as well, we offer to choose only specific service.

Besides, we offer services with respect to incorporation of new companies:

·         Preparation of  organizational documentation – decisions,  articles of association, minutes;

·         Preparation of documentation to be submitted to Enterprise register;

·         Preparation of amendments of registration documentation.

Our employees regularly raise their qualifications and attends seminars. As well as, for the extra safety of our customers, our professional activity is insured.

Our Clients